Is Nail Fungus Self-Diagnosable? When to Contact Your Healthcare Professional

If you have discolored toenails that are thickened, crumbling, or causing discomfort, you may have an infection caused by nail fungus. It’s a surprisingly common condition, known as onychomycosis, that can develop at any time and prevent you from enjoying the summer sandal season and having fun at the beach.

An infection caused by nail fungus is often slow to develop, and although it can affect your fingernails, it affects toenails more often, thanks to the fungi-friendly warm and dark environment in your socks and shoes. It’s the overgrowth of these organisms that causes this distressing problem, one that can become painful and affect your ability to walk.

Symptoms of a fungal nail infection

Your toenails should appear smooth and slightly pink in color, because the semi-transparency of the nail shows your healthy pink skin beneath. Signs that a fungal nail infection may be affecting your toenails include:

However, many of these symptoms can be caused by other conditions or injury and trauma to the toenails. Without an accurate diagnosis by a podiatrist like Dr. Kleis, attempting self-treatment with over-the-counter (OTC) medications may prove ineffective and could even worsen the condition.

Visiting a board-certified podiatrist is vital for accurate diagnosis and treatment

Fungi, yeast, or mold can cause a nail infection, which means you need an expert eye to accurately diagnose and treat the condition. You’re in good hands with Dr. Kleis who’s an authority on nail fungus and is a national speaker on laser treatment of the condition, educating his peers across the United States and Canada.

Instead of trying to self-diagnose your nail problem and possibly using the wrong OTC medication, just visit our office. Using his wealth of knowledge, Dr. Kleis can not only expertly diagnose your nail condition, he can start the appropriate treatment to deal with the infection and prevent its spread to other toenails or even your fingernails.

Laser treatment is effective in treating a fungal nail infection

Lasers are the leading treatment for fungal nail infections, and Dr. Kleis is undoubtedly on the cutting edge, having the only podiatry office in California to offer treatment using two different lasers: the Cutera GenesisPlus™ and Q-Clear™.

Using two different lasers is crucial when treating nail infection as it provides a far higher chance of eradicating the organism that’s causing the condition than using one laser alone. Both types of lasers use light energy to treat the infection without harming the nail or surrounding skin, making it a comfortable and effective treatment that’ll rid you of those bothersome symptoms.

Nail fungus can be an embarrassing problem, and if you’re avoiding the beach, covering your toes, and hiding your toes, it’s time to come and see Dr. Kleis for advanced care and treatment. Book online or call the office in Costa Mesa, California to set up your consultation.

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