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Laser Nail Fungus Treatment FAQs




How does the Laser Nail Fungus Treatment work?
The laser works by shining a gentle, focused light beam on the nail and surrounding skin. This laser beam shines through the nail  helping to eliminate the fungus embedded in the nail bed and nail plate where the nail fungus exists.

Is the Laser Nail Procedure painful?
The laser does not harm healthy tissue, and most patients do not experience any major discomfort after the laser procedure, but may experience a warming sensation during the procedure. No anesthesia is needed for this treatment.

Will I be able to walk after the Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?
The laser nail fungus treatment does not harm living tissue. Patients can simply walk in, have the procedure done, and then walk right out and go back to their normal activity as recommend by the doctor.

How long does the Laser Nail Fungus Treatment take?
The laser nail fungus treatment usually takes only 30 minutes.

When can I paint my nails after the Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?
Toenail polish can be re-applied the following day. It is important to note that all nail paint and nail polish has to be removed prior to having the laser nail fungus treatment performed.  

Is this laser FDA cleared?

Yes; the Cutera GenesisPlus laser is FDA cleared.

Why Choose Cutera GenesisPlus?

• Cutera is a worldwide leader in laser technology
• One of only two lasers FDA cleared for fungal nails/Onychomycosis
• Heat sensor on hand piece for accuracy and safety of treatment
• Proven effectiveness

How long has your office been performing laser treatments for nail fungus?

Dr. Kleis was one of the first Podiatrists in Orange County to first use lasers to treat nail fungus over three years ago, and has since performed more laser nail fungus treatments than most any other doctor in Southern California.

What is the cost for the laser toenail fungus treatment?

Costs for this procedure are determined by the doctor based on the type and severity of the condition. Call now to learn more about Laser Nail Fungal Treatments.

How do I pay for the procedure?
We accept most major Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), Debit Cards (with VISA or Mastercard Logo only) checks and cash. Payment plans are also available, for more information on financing and payment plans, please visit: www.carecredit.com or click here.

Is this covered by my insurance?
Toenail Fungus is considered an aesthetic condition by the Health Insurance companies and therefore health insurance does not provide coverage for the Laser Nail Treatment. Patients with Heath Savings Accounts or flexible spending accounts can often use funds from these type of accounts towards procedures such as the laser nail fungus treatment.

Is the Laser Treatment also available for Fingernails?
Yes; Patients requiring treatment for fungus of the fingernails will be referred to independent medical doctors not directly affiliated with Dr. Jeffrey Kleis and Laser Nail Specialists. Call now for more information.

SteriShoe. Use the SteriShoe ultraviolet shoe sanitizer in conjunction with the laser Nail Treatment. " The SteriShoe shoe sanitizer will not cure your infection, but it will provide a cleaner environment for your feet. Fungi are very resilient and can live in your shoe as spores, even if you don't wear a shoe for months. Think of a spore as a seed. Once you start to wear your shoe again, the perspiration and heat from your foot will cause the spores to grow. The SteriShoe shoe sanitizer destroys the fungi and other microorganisms inside shoes". All content written about SteriShoes was written by Shoe Care innovations, Inc  - SteriShoes can be purchased at our office for $130.00.



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