The Advantages of Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

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Elite Podiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Kleis utilizes the most cutting-edge laser treatment for nail fungus and has built a thriving practice here in Orange County that eliminates fungus. The practice offers this laser treatment specialty from its Costa Mesa, California office that restores feet to their best health and presentation. Dr. Kleis was one of the first podiatrists in California to use laser technology for nail fungus treatment and through the span of a decade has emerged a leader in the field with more than 20,000 patients conquering toenail fungus. Dr. Jeffrey Kleis has been involved in research and development of laser toenail fungus treatments, training other physicians on laser techniques for fungal removal and participating in clinical studies of the process in comparison to topical- and medication-based treatments. The results of his work with targeted laser technology have re-sculpted the manner in which fungal issues affecting feet are addressed by practicing Podiatrists.

How Does Laser Treat Onychomycosis?

The custom-designed medical laser equipment sends pulses of energy into the toenail tissues. Low wave energy pulses destroy the DNA of microorganisms without harming the skin and toenails. Destroying the DNA by way of targeted heat at a micro level, organisms such as fungus, yeast, mold and bacteria are quickly neutralized, thus giving way to the growth of healthy looking toenails. The lasers distribute energy underneath the nail bed where fungus and other microbes thrive. These deep and protected areas of tissue harboring fungus and similar organisms are typically difficult to treat with topical creams and over-the-counter medications. The laser’s ability to penetrate where other treatment options cannot (without invasive measures or painful surgical nail removal) makes the laser treatment much more successful, especially where other fungal nail treatment options have failed in the past.

What to Expect with Laser Treatment of Onychomycosis

Initial consultation for laser treatment of onychomycosis (toenail fungus) will cover frequently asked questions, the doctor’s evaluation of the symptoms and diagnosis of the condition and any aftercare instructions. The laser treatment can also be performed at the same visit as it usually only takes around 20-30 minutes for the treatment. While most patients have high success rates with just one treatment, some severe cases may require additional treatments that are usually spaced apart a couple weeks or months. The laser nail fungus treatments will not make the nail appearance change immediately, but it clears the pathway for improved and unimpeded growth. Nails already damaged by fungus (discolored, brittle, flaking) will grow out and be trimmed away with the new healthy growth replacing them. The rate of toenail growth varies depending on one’s age, diet and health conditions so it may take a few trims and filings to show improvement. With your standard foot and toenail-grooming regimen in mind, a there is no better time to start your path to healthy happy toenails than today. Get your feet ready for sandals and call Dr. Kleis to get started.

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Laser Toenail Fungus Treatments vs. Other Options.

Historically, the most common treatment option for fungal nails has been prescription oral medication. These medications have low success rates in clinical studies, require blood work and have many side effects including liver damage and in some cases death. Regular blood work is required with oral medication because it cannot specifically target the destruction of fungus (a living thing) from your healthy living tissue; the same destructive elements that can kill the fungus can adversely affect you overall.

Topical creams and ointments have even lower success rates. They can treat the bare skin in the areas where the fungus seems present but are not able to permeate the density of the nail to destroy the fungus underneath.

Laser treatments for toenail fungus have consistently shown the highest success rates and the lowest side effects. The only downside can be the out-of-pocket expenses since most insurance companies will not cover laser treatments as they are classified as cosmetic or aesthetic. Fortunately, the Costa Mesa office for Dr. Kleis offers competitive prices and payment plans are available on approved credit. Often times the laser treatment prices are less than most patients yearly deductible.

Dr. Kleis offers two types of lasers in his Costa Mesa office for nail fungus treatment: Cutera GenesisPlus™, and the Lunula Laser™.  By utilizing these different types of lasers from his Costa Mesa office location, the chance of getting rid of the nail fungus is much greater than just using one type of laser.  This is the only office in Orange County, California that offers a pairing these unique treatment options for targeting the source problem.

These lasers use small pulses of light energy to destroy fungus without harming the toenail or surrounding skin tissue.

Toenail fungus, or more formally referred to as onychomycosis, is a fungal infection that attacks the area beneath the toenails. This type of fungal infection may cause toenails to become discolored or thickened, become visibly lined vertically or horizontally, and painfully break or split or peel when being trimmed.

Common symptoms of toenail fungal infection may begin with a white or yellow spot that gradually spreads. The toenails might darken as debris builds up beneath it and begins to smell unpleasant. The infection can affect one or many toes and can spread. Toenail fungus can even spread to your skin or fingernails. This is especially common in warm climates such as Orange County, California.

The fungus that affects toenails tends to thrive in hot, wet areas like gym locker rooms, swimming pools, hot tubs, hotel room carpets and work boots and shoes. Walking around barefoot in these types of places may increase your risk for toenail fungus infections, especially for those that have an injury or small tears in the skin of the feet.  Trauma to the toe or toenail from impact (severe stubbing or being compressed) can predicate nail loss and in the regrowth it may in fact be the start of fungus foothold to invade the other uninjured toes.  People with a history of athlete's foot or excessive sweating may also have a greater risk of developing nail fungus. Living in warm climates like those in Southern California are at an increased risk.

Dr. Kleis’ Costa Mesa office provides exceptional professional service, from limited wait, to prompt and expedient service.  They understand your time and its value to you.  In a first visit, you can expect a consultation, a review of any medical history, and a treatment that will last 20-30 minutes.  Dr. Kleis may suggest a plan of action is your toenail condition is more severe in the best interest of complete fungus eradication.  The goal for all is your permanent satisfaction with your feet’s appearance.

Before your procedure, which takes approximately 30 minutes at the Costa Mesa office here in Orange County, California, Dr. Kleis performs a physical exam of the feet and toes, reviews your medical history. Afterward, you can resume normal activities right away. Depending on the severity of your infection, Dr. Kleis may ask you to schedule a second treatment.

Laser treatment for nail fungus doesn’t harm healthy tissue, require anesthesia, or cause pain, but you may experience a warming sensation as Dr. Kleis directs the laser(s) into the toenail bed.

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