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Jeffrey Kleis, DPM - Costa Mesa Podiatrist

For over 25 years serving Southern California, Dr. Kleis has continually been one of the best orange county podiatrists.

Our goal at Jeffrey Kleis, DPM, Inc. is to change your mindset concerning your feet. We want you to treasure them as we do. Healthy feet are paramount for overall well-being and health. Over the years, we have seen feet in different health conditions and recognize that feet are unique and every patient has different health needs. That is why we are dedicated to using a personalized and caring method for your foot care.

We do all this, never losing sight of our core values like integrity, exceptional health care, responsibility, compassion, sensitization, and innovation.

State-of-Art Technology Toenail Fungus Laser 

Up-to-date, high-tech equipment is fundamental to all medical specialties. At Jeffrey Kleis, DPM, Inc., we have invested in the most advanced and innovative equipment and technology.

We take pride in integrating the Cutera Genesis Plus™ treatment with Lunula Laser to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. The combination has helped us treat more pathogens and nail infections. We also employ diagnostic imaging methods to diagnose ailments, assess the level of damage, and monitor progress following treatment.

We are continually developing new technologies and therapies and incorporating technological advancements to improve the outcome of our patient care.

When you stay in our upgraded facility, you can enjoy our spacious rooms with comfortable chairs and sleep sofas and TVs.  You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi, concierge services, and parking.

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Kleis, DPM

Dr. Jeffrey Kleis, DPM, makes it his priority to enhance his patients' well-being. He brings many decades of experience to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions. In his state-of-the-art Orange County office, he offers two lasers for fungal nail treatment; Cutera Genesis Plus™ Laser and Lunula Laser™.

A seasoned and highly-trained physician and surgeon, Dr. Kleis has been one of the leaders in nail, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial skin treatments. He has spoken at various medical conferences across Canada and the U.S. on laser treatment of nail fungus and has been featured in a training video for European doctors.

His world-class service and practice have earned him respect in California and beyond. He is involved in the Food and Drug Administration approval and clinical testing of GenesisPlus™ for nail fungus treatment. He works closely with Cutera to develop the GenesisPlus laser systems for podiatry regarding toenail fungus. He has also taught thousands of physicians globally and treated patients of all ages, handling different foot problems.

Have you tried all anti-fungal products in your local pharmacy and still have toenail fungus?

Nail fungus is hard to eradicate since it grows under the nail plate in the nail bed. Topical drugs have a low success rate because it is challenging to reach the infection unless the nail is removed. On top of that, you are likely to experience side effects from the drugs.

Nail polish is an easy solution for most women but not a complete escape. Laser treatment is an effective alternative to be rid of the fungus and boost your nails' appearance. For proper treatment, you need to contact Jeffrey Kleis, DPM, Inc.  We use both Lunula Laser treatments and Cutera Genesis Plus™ for optimal results.

Here is how the laser toenail fungus treatment works.

The light from the laser penetrates the nails' layers to reach the source of the infection. The treatment targets the pigment making the toenail fungus yellow. When exposed to laser light, the fungus is heated, destroying the pigment and eliminating the infection. Healthy tissues neighboring the infected region are not damaged, making the treatment non-invasive.

Laser treatment neither has a recovery period nor side effects.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Experienced Podiatrist?

All success stories begin with successful consultations with experienced podiatrists. Therefore, ensure you carry questions. It is time to know more about your surgeon and the treatment procedure. Request to see before and after photographs or enquire about getting the desired outcome. Patients who ask many questions can gauge their comfort level with the medical professional, get the most of the consultation, and are satisfied with their choices.

Here is a suggested list of questions to ask during your initial consultation:

  • Is the type of laser you are using FDA explicitly cleared for onychomycosis?
  • Do you lease or own the laser devices?
  • Does a certified physician perform the laser treatment? How long has the expert been practicing?

If you have a question that the above section did not answer, please contact our friendly staff, and we will gladly help you.

Contact a Skilled Podiatrist Near Me

Located in Costa Mesa, California, Jeffrey Kleis DPM, Inc. is a full-service contemporary podiatry facility where patients receive numerous treatment and diagnostic services under one roof, centrally situated for convenience.

We combine customized medical care and world-class technological advancement and technology. We can also perform laser treatments and imaging procedures to provide the answers you require about your health condition timely.

Feet are your body's foundation, and it might disrupt your well-being and make it challenging to manage everyday life activities when you experience discomfort or pain. We recognize that, and that is why our competent podiatry team regularly and compassionately cares for persons suffering from issues like tendonitis, foot warts, bunions, fungal nails, and hammertoes. Moreover, diabetic patients receive comprehensive diabetic foot care treatment and management.

Our patients report that the entire treatment process is seamless, from booking medical appointments to treatments. We are dedicated to offering customized care that pays attention to our patients and holistic services. With 24/7 flexible appointment scheduling, even new patients can receive the ankle and foot care they require.

The initial step towards healthy feet is scheduling your appointment by calling 714-760-4944. Our friendly staff looks forward to hearing from you.

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At our practice, we believe that a patient and a doctor are a team for treating the feet. Our competent physicians will create a friendly, relaxed, and warm environment to offer you a comfortable and memorable experience for you. We pride ourselves on investing time to listen, answer, and understand your questions and concerns. That way, we ensure that you have the most effective treatment options that resolve your pain and improve your health.

Prevention, early intervention, and prompt diagnosis are the ingredients to minimizing the effect of health conditions in life. We are dedicated to ensuring our patients are informed about ankle/foot health conditions and treatments. An informed person makes better decisions concerning their well-being and health. The convenience you deserve. The specialty you need. We believe in allowing you to take charge of your health. That is why you can find educational sections on this website covering a wide range of topics related to podiatry, diagnosis, different services we offer, and treatments.

We offer a wide array of podiatric cases, exhausting various conservative treatment options before resorting to surgery when essential. Our certified medical team is knowledgeable in podiatric medicine and provides compassionate and skilled surgical care.

Finally, we work closely with your primary healthcare providers to develop an inclusive care plan that considers different aspects of your health.

If you would like to learn more about us and our services, please contact us today at 714-760-4944.

We Take COVID 19 Seriously

With COVID-19, we would like to assure you, our well-esteemed patient, that we are taking all measures to minimize chances of virus transmission in our medical office. We clean and disinfect every surface in treatment rooms and waiting areas after every patient.

We continually advise patients to be cautious of any flu and cold symptoms and postpone their treatment should these symptoms manifest.

We also offer hand sanitizer at the office. Kindly ensure that you use it when entering and leaving the facility. It is our priority to keep you healthy and safe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Toenail fungus laser treatment is used to treat onychomycosis, a hard-to-treat infection that changes the texture and appearance of the nail.

The treatment uses laser light that passes via your toenail and the neighboring tissues. The pigment in the fungi absorbs the light, causing it to heat and damage the fungal organisms. The treatment is painless, and neither harms your living tissue nor requires anesthesia. Usually, the medical process takes thirty minutes. You can walk into the doctor's office, have the medical procedure done, walk out and return to your daily activities as recommended by your physician.

Most insurance providers consider toenail fungus as an aesthetic health condition and will not cover its treatment. Private insurance like Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) policies, and Medicare do not cover the treatment. If you have a flexible spending account or Health Savings Accounts, you can often use the money from these accounts to pay for the procedure. Out-of-pocket costs differ depending primarily on the condition severity.

Please get in touch with us today, and our staff will be glad to advise you on coverage verification and available pricing options. For your convenience, we accept most major insurance company’s plans. For specific insurance plans questions or concerns, please contact our office at 714-760-4944.

When shopping around for treatment of toenail fungus infections there are a couple things to keep in mind. Just like shopping around for any kind of doctor, some doctors will have more training and experience.  Would you let an untrained, inexperienced doctor using out dated and/or non-FDA cleared equipment work on your feet? Probably not, just like most people would not want an untrained, inexperienced mechanic using inadequate tools to work on their car. Questions to ask a potential toenail fungus laser treatment clinic or doctor are:

  1. 1.What type of laser they are using, is it FDA cleared specifically for nail fungus?

Some “off label” lasers are FDA cleared for dermatology or podiatry but not specifically for nail fungus or Onychomycosis.

  1. Is the laser toenail fungus treatment performed by a licensed doctor? How long has the doctor been doing the laser toenail fungus treatment?

If they have only been performing the treatment for less than six months, how are they judging success rates?  It can take anywhere from 3-12 months for nail growth to show clear healthy-looking nails after the laser nail fungus treatments.  Have the doctors seen positive results in their own patients? Do they have they own before and after pictures of actual laser toenail fungus treatment patients?

  1. Does the doctor own or lease the laser equipment?

Be wary of fly-by-night doctors renting equipment and using shared office space. They may not be around long or have any experience. Dr. Jeffrey Kleis, DPM has over 25 years experience, owns all of his equipment, in his own office here in Orange County and has treated thousands of patients. Call today to schedule an appointment with Orange County’s most experienced laser nail treatment Podiatrist.

This new patented acoustic wave technology requires no anesthetic and has little or no discomfort. Patients of this treatment are generally able to walk and move around immediately and it generally takes approximately three 10-minute sessions before the pain is resolved.

Heel pain is an extremely common and potentially disruptive affliction that has many possible causes, including stress fractures, arthritis, nerve irritation, cysts, tendonitis and most often, plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis occurs when the tissue that connects the heel to the toes becomes inflamed. This inflammation causes pain on the bottom of the heel that can continue to grow in intensity over time.

If you are experiencing heel pain, visit with one of our four offices to learn if you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis.

This Treatment is used by Professional Athletes, Sports Teams and Top Olympic Athletes.

Causes of Heel Pain include: inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or bursitis. Neuroma or nerve growth, Strenuous exercise, Obesity, Standing for long periods, Improperly fitting shoes and Stress fractures.

Both the treatment methods are FDA cleared for fungal nails treatment and use a similar laser setting.

Cutera Genesis Plus™ has numerous features, including higher watts settings and adjustable spot size. It also has an in-built LED temperature gauge that notifies the physician of the nails' heat during the procedure. The safety feature aids the doctor in avoiding overheating your nails and causing damage.

On the other hand, the pinpoint system is a traditional system that looks like a modified dental laser.

Dr. Kleis was involved in designing Cutera Genesis Plus™ and was the initial certified medical expert in Orange County, California, to provide the treatment.

Regrettably, there is not a treatment option that is a 100% guaranteed permanent solution to a toenail fungus infection. Laser treatment has an amount of efficiency depending mainly on the infection's severity and your overall health.

We can raise the chances of toenail fungus resolutions with customized treatment plans based on the infection degree. We can lower the risk of re-infection with personalized care plan options. Also, avoid walking barefoot in areas where fungal spores are likely to be, such as hotel carpets, showers, and public restrooms.

Different physicians use different laser treatment options, and not all lasers are the same. Only a few laser options are currently FDA cleared for treating onychomycosis, such as Cutera Genesis Plus™. Some laser manufacturers have something similar to lasers used for tattoo removal, hair removal, and laser scar removal.

Other doctors use non-FDA-cleared lasers. The off-label lasers neither have safe features nor clinical research to support the efficiency. Also, medical practitioners marketing the off-label use laser might not be knowledgeable, trained, and experienced as physicians using FDA-approved approaches and devices.

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. It involves inflammation of thick weblike ligaments found at your foot's bottom and connecting your heel bone to the toes.

It causes stabbing pain that happens with the initial steps in the morning. Typically, the pain reduces as you get up and move. However, it can return when standing up after sitting or after an extended duration of standing.

Runners, obese persons, and those wearing footwear with insufficient support are more likely to develop the condition.

Typically, treatment of the condition does not require invasive procedures like surgery. Dr. Kleis can treat it painlessly and safely with heel pain relief therapy.