Tracy B.

Dr. Kleis!!!   I had a great experience with this surgeon. Not sure about you but me thinking about going under anesthesia and having someone slice my foot open and dismantle bones and stuff didn't really sound like a WALK in the park. Dr. Kleis took the time to explain everything to me.  I was really nervous about this surgery. On the day of my surgery his anesthesiologist took time to calm my fears and so did Dr. Kleis. I did NOT feel like I was on a production line. I did NOT have any unpleasant experiences.   Not one. My foot looks better and feels just fine. His office staff is the very best.   It really says something about a doctor when his staff is friendly, pleasant and professional. Both Dr. Kleis and his staff take that extra STEP and provide excellent service. Good job! Thanks to Dr. Kleis I won't put off the surgery on my other foot now. If you need a foot doctor "WALK THIS WAY!"


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